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Established in 2007, Zhuhai Zhengyuan Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in R&D, manufacturing and selling high-power LED car lights and LED underwater lights. We own a professional R&D team consists of more than ten graduate students and undergraduates. We insist on self-innovation and high quality philosophy, building an innovation-oriented enterprise.

In 2009, Zhengyuan Optoelectronic passed the ISO9001:2008 system certification and was taken in 2013. IATF/TS16949 system certification, in 2017 was named "national high-tech enterprise",At present, it has obtained dozens of product technology patents (including invention patents), and Products sell well in Europe and the United States. The company concentrates its resources on waterproofing, anti-corrosion, and a major breakthrough has been made in the field of anti-vibration and high-reliability LED lamps.

Zhengyuan Optoelectronic has been committed to the development of LED vehicle light source, as a traditional vehicle light source Substitute products, exported to the parts market around the world, is a domestic industry with a certain industry leadership research and development enterprise. The company started to develop LED daytime running lights in 2009 and won two EMARKs in 2010.Access to the European market during the same period. In early 2012, the light source of a certain model of Haima was launched.A complementary project for light distribution, drive and cooling solutions.


Zhengyuan hold the philosophy of “Concentration, focus and professional”. We are glad to endeavor with friends in different industries, and build ourselves a leading company in high-power LED car lights industry!

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